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Office Cleaning & More in the Fort Wayne, IN, Area

 Pap Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana, isn't your average contract cleaning company. Our office janitors are prompt, efficient, and comprehensive. We clean:

• Offices • Rental Properties • Foreclosed Homes • Apartment Complexes • New Construction

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Tenant Move-Ins and Move-Outs

Whether your tenants are moving in or out, we provide a clean slate for new occupants to feel at home. When lessees move out, we go in and clean everything, including the:

• Floors
• Windows
• Countertops
• Bathrooms

• Appliances

Increase Daily Outputs

We clean your office from bottom-to-top. In addition to the general cleaning of all the main areas, we will address:

• Wiping the Windows
• Vacuuming and Mopping the Floors
• Cleaning Desk Spaces
• Cleaning the Bathroom
• Taking Out the Trash

• Carpet Cleaning Upon Request

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Preparing for a Speedy Closing

If you're a property manager, real estate agent, or independent homeowner who is ready to rent or sell, a spotless home puts you on the right track for new prospects. Our cleaning services help prepare your property for a faster rental or sale.

New Construction

We get rid of dirt and dust inside newly constructed buildings. From single homes to multi-unit apartment complexes, we meticulously clean these spaces from floor to ceiling.